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Take Care of You

Take Care of You!

by Dave Gluhareff / Strength Runner founder

   Do you take care of yourself?  No really…do you honestly take care of your physical health and well being?  Are you in control of you?  Do you have control of your weight or does your weight control you?  Do you have control of your schedule?  Do you make things happen in your life for you or does life tend to push you around?  Do you have control of stress in your life or does stress control you?  

   Many of us at one time or another lose control of our own well being and our weight can get out of control, our schedules become about everything and everyone else but our own physical, mental, and emotional health and also we simply procrastinate and get lazy about us.  If we cannot successfully take care of ourselves we cannot successfully take care of others.  If our weight gets out of control and we live an unhealthy lifestyle then we become sick, less productive, rely more on medicines, and slowly lose our independence.  If you are allowing high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, acid reflux, arthritis, minor aches/pains, osteoporosis, Diabetes, Obesity, stress, lethargy, fatigue, excess fluid, insomnia, grumpiness, and many other PREVENTABLE or highly treatable problems and illnesses to control your life then you have to STOP now.  Wake up and take back control of you.  There is no excuse for this behavior and enabling mentality any longer.   

Life can be tough but ultimately we are in control.  No one else is at fault but you when you are inactive, lazy, eat junk, stay up all night playing video games or watching TV or surfing the Internet instead of going to sleep at a sensible hour.  No one else makes you avoid the gym, or walking with family, biking with your kids, and hiking with your significant other outdoors.  No one else makes you eat unhealthy foods but you.  You choose the fries, chips, sodas, and pastries instead of the fruits, veggies, water and whole grain snacks.  No one else makes you stressed out and bottles-up your emotions but you.  If you decide not to talk-out your emotions with someone then that’s your choice to hold them inside.  It’s your choice if you do not take time for yourself each day to just chill-out and clear your head.  Life is about your choices not anyone else’s.  You are in charge of YOU.

It’s more efficient and less time consuming to be active and exercise.  Eating healthy is cheaper than eating junk.  Getting more sleep makes us healthier and happier.

Stop making excuses that are frankly wrong, inaccurate, sloppy, lazy, and dangerous to your health and follow these 3 healthy tips:

1)    Make your health a priority.
You have to come first.  It’s your responsibility to take care of you.  You have to make sure you are healthy and functioning at your top performance level so you can be the best you possible.  When you are healthy in body, mind, and spirit you are a better worker, student, family member, friend, colleague, and human being.  Exercise regularly, be active, eat healthy foods, eat often throughout the day, drink plenty of water, rest, sleep 8 hours each night, take naps when you can, and take some time for you each day!  

2)    Communicate and set boundaries.
Do not hold in your emotions.  Stop bottling-up your feelings and not expressing yourself. Talk to someone when you are feeling down.  Be a better communicator.  Tell people you love that you love them.  Compliment people who deserve compliments.  If you need to vent emotions then speak to a family member, friend, or counselor you trust and share your emotions.  Communicate issues with your spouse or significant other.  If you have an issue with a family member or friend then ask to setup some time and have a calm conversation with them about the issue or with a mediator.  Do not keep things inside. Share, cry, laugh, love with your family and friends! 

3)    Make things happen taking action to get things scheduled and done for yourself.
You control how you live your life not anyone else.  Setting boundaries to protect your workout time, free time, quality time with your family and close friends is very much needed.  It is very appropriate to make time for yourself with your Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest planning and creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  It’s also okay to say no to someone or something when your schedule is full and you are near a stressful tipping point.  Creating a boundary to not get overwhelmed at home, work, and school is smart and healthy when you are already very much active and productive yet need to be protective over your time and schedule.  Take action don’t just talk about doing things.  Talk is cheap that’s for sure.  Make things happen that you want to happen.  If you want to lose body fat then make a plan and do it.  If you want to lower stress then do it.  If you want to be a better communicator then don’t just think or say it…do it. 
We make things happen for us.  You are in charge of your body and activity level, your nutrition, your rest, your schedule, your communication skills, and your stress level no one else.  Sure life throws you curve balls but ultimately you and your choices determine your future and what paths you take and how you take them.  You stay active yourself, you feed yourself, you open your own mouth, you control how you handle stress, you have the ability to say no to extra overwhelming workloads and responsibilities, you make your own schedule…you have the choice.

Stop making excuses and stop being too busy for you.  Your health revolves around you.  Make good and healthy stuff happen for you now!