Worlds Toughest Mudder Equipment 2014

Written by Dave Gluhareff

By Team Strength Runner Athlete Leslie St. Louis 

The entire 2014 list of my equipment, with new thoughts for 2016 in blue. Mostly I am keeping the same things, but a few more changeouts, if I can afford it! 


Other Expenses:

Transportation and Lodging -- use the WTM website and WTM facebook community page for ideas. I bought through priceline express for 2016, narrow to Las Vegas Lake.

Entry -- there are periodic deals throughout the year, but unless you win an entry from the year before, there is really no way around this one and it will be about $400. This is the biggie expense, so plan for it. While I balked at this, it is actually comparable to other events in other sports. For instance, here in Colorado, the 100-mile Leadville 100 is the same price. 

Pit Crew -- You don’t have to have one, but it awesome for so many reasons. You only get two people, so choose wisely. It is $40 per person and they will probably have their own list of items to bring. They should plan to dress warmly too! 

Nutrition -- I had a mini crisis in 2014 when I planned to use Tailwind for the majority of my calories, only to realize that I trained by sipping it, but was chugging it during the race -- no bueno! Also, I was excited for poptarts and brought tons but they tasted like gravel to me and I couldn’t even chew them. Also buy WAY more than you think you will need. I weaned myself off of caffeine about a month before the race. 2016 I am planning to use:

Stores and Websites to know, love and use: