The Choice is Ours Stop Being Foolish

Written by Dave Gluhareff
The Choice is Ours…?!
by Dave Gluhareff - Fitness Expert, Trainer, & Strength Runner founder
People we have a choice! We have a choice to make the necessary positive healthy changes in our lives to treat or cure 90% if not more of our illnesses and bad health issues. Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest absolutely does improve our quality of life. Make the right Choice to get better, healthier, happier, stronger, and on the right path to good living and freedom. Stop living in a prison of unhealthy decision making where you are just Surviving and not really Living life to its fullest! 
Stop being foolish!
If you think just going for a walk every day will improve your quality of life it barely will. If you think counting points will cure 90% of most illnesses and bad health issues and make you stronger well you are sadly mistaken. If you think ordering your food from a diet meals company and having it mailed to you each month will cure or treat 90% of illnesses and bad health issues and make you stronger and healthier … well you are flat Wrong. If you believe eliminating all carbohydrates from your day is right, you are Wrong. If you believe that eliminating any food group is your key to healthy weight loss you are Absolutely Wrong. If you believe a new multi-level marketing company has the miracle protein shake or weight loss pill or diet juice miracle drink that cost $20-$30 a month and is the fountain of youth…well then you are seriously off your rocker!  There are no quick fixes that will consistently lead you in a healthy life of longevity for proper health and wellness.  Those quick fixes and gimmicks are short-lived and CANNOT be implemented into a healthy lifestyle for the long term. You cannot shortcut a Healthy Lifestyle.