Dying a Slow Death

Written by Dave Gluhareff
Dying a Slow Death…?!
by Dave Gluhareff (Fitness Expert/Strength Runner Founder)
America we are dying a slow death! Our healthcare system in the public and private sector will decline every second of every day because we are becoming unhealthier every second of every day. Just obesity alone troubles our healthcare system economically by increasing medical costs to deal with obese patients in ways such as larger wheelchairs, reinforced stretchers and ambulances, larger and stronger chairs and beds in hospitals, heavier duty cat scan and MRI machines, more surgical tools to hold back body fat during surgeries, more medications and stronger medications to deal with fatter people, and the list can go on and on. Many people need seatbelt extenders on an airplanes now, we order the extra-large sugary fountain drinks, we are too lazy to go in restaurants so we drive-thru and get our orders by accepting junk from an arm Reaching through a brick wall, we have 3X 4X and 5X shirts and Xextra Xextra Xextra large clothing to enable bad behaviors and poor nutrition. America we have a lot of cleaning up to do!
Most of America has no structure anymore when it comes to healthy lifestyle. Most of America does not make time for healthy activities and exercise. Most of America makes the wrong food choices. Most of America eats junk. Most of America has sleeping problems. Most of America finds time for television, Internet surfing, and mundane worthless activities for hours and hours every day but claims to have no time for exercise, nutrition, and rest.
We can look around our workplace, our schools, an airport, the mall, in any public place in and see with our own eyes that America is in real trouble. Our government tells us thru the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control but you know what we don't need them to tell us we have a problem... We already know it! It's obvious the health of our nation decaying. We are on a downward spiral of bad health.