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At Strength Runner our goal is to bring together two worlds that previously didn't merge as one (Strength & Running) and provide our readers, customers, & clients the tools they need to advance their training, nutrition, and rest/recovery plans!

Who are Strength Runners? Military personnel, OCR (Obstacle Course Racers), Soccer players, Survival Runners, Basketball players, and tons more athletes who want to combine Strength Training and Running Training for their own self-interests or their respective Sports!

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- Dave Gluhareff Founder of Strength Runner

You Can Be Successful At A Healthy Lifestyle

You Can Be Successful at a Healthy Lifestyle?
by Dave Gluhareff (Fitness Expert/Founder Strength Runner)
Why is it so hard to become or stay a healthy person? We have the brains and all the necessary human equipment to achieve great health so why is it so hard? Why are so many of us dying because of obesity, bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.? I believe we are missing three important steps or if we have these they are out of order: Desire, Knowledge, and Persistence! If you have these three essentials in your life, in this order, the excuses are out the window. 
Desire (WEBSTER: To wish or long for: Crave.) - We all need the desire to want to be a healthy person spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, mentally and physically. We need a burning desire inside of us to want to be a whole person.
Knowledge (WEBSTER: Familiarity, awareness, or comprehension acquired by experience or study.) - Attaining knowledge is key! We need to become as familiar and aware as possible of what is healthy. Also we need to know how to effectively implement healthy habits into our lives to make us successful.
Persistence (WEBSTER: The act of persisting: To hold steadfastly and firmly to a purpose, state, or undertaking, despite obstacles, warnings, or setbacks.) - With desire and knowledge comes the task of persistence. We have to hold on with a strong grip to our purpose which is to develop and keep our healthy lifestyle. Great health needs to be our way of life!
We need to eat, sleep, think, and breathe healthy. Now is the time to stop eating processed foods with trans-fatty fats, drinking colas, having excessive alcohol, late nights partying with little sleep, thinking and speaking negative, smoking cigarettes and/or doing drugs. Also we need to stop griping and blaming other people and things for causing us to be unhealthy. We are in control of our lives. We are our own managers. We need to have the Desire, Knowledge and Persistence to be successful at healthy living!
Take Action Now and Get Healthy!