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Heavy Hittin Bodybuilding Plan Week 5

Heavy Hittin Bodybuilding Plan!
Week 5
By Strength Runner and Trainer Dave Gluhareff or on Facebook under TrainWithDave –
Heavy Overhaul!
For Week 5 our goal is to get off the daily body part split plan and totally overhaul for the week a new Hard and Intense Total Body Heavy Hittin Mass Plan to shake things up!
Week 5 - (Before each Total Body Workout = 10 min Warm-up Walk, Bike, or Elliptical then Stretch Total Body!)
Total Body Workouts – 5 Circuits of 5-10 reps (if needed rest about 30-60 seconds in between exercises)
Day 1 (Total Body 5 Circuits/5-10 reps):
-          Standard Wide Pushups
-          Hip Raises Toes-in
-          Rubber Band in/out Internal/External Rotator Cuff Strengtheners
-          2 Dumbbell Reverse Wrist Curls & Palms-Up Wrist Curls
-          Weighted Pushups (use spotter to add weights to your back)
-          Weighted Wide Grip Front Pullups
-          1 Dumbbell 1 Arm at a time Clean & Press
-          1 Dumbbell 2 hands lying Pullovers on bench or box
-          Barbell or Smith Machine Incline Chest Press
-          2 Dumbbell Alternating Palms-Up Biceps Curls
-          1 Dumbbell 1 Arm at a time Bent Over Row
-          Barbell Wide Stiff Legged Deadlifts (Feet Wide/Knees Slightly Bent/Back Straight)
-          Barbell or Smith Machine Squats (Feet shoulder width)
Day 2 (Rest Totally):
·       No Cardio, No Lifting, No Activity Nuthin please!
Day 3 (Cardio):
-          Cardio Goal = 5 min warm-up walk/stretch, then 45 min Power Walk flat NO Inclines, with a 5 min cool-down chillin walk/stretch
Day 4 (Total Body 5 Circuits/5-10 Reps):
-          Up/Down Planks
-          Back Extension Machine Weighted (Hyperextension Machine or Plate Loaded Machine)
-          2 Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts (Dumbbells outside of Knees, Feet Shoulder Width)
-          2 Dumbbell Arnold Presses
-          Barbell or Smith Machine Flat Chest Presses
-          Weighted Reverse Grip Pullups
-          2 Dumbbell 2 Arms Lying Pullovers
-          Barbell Sumo Squats (Feet Wide, Hands 6-8 inches apart on bar, & Good Posture)
-          Barbell or Smith Machine Seated Military Shoulder Presses (arms make right angle)
-          Barbell Deadlifts (Feet Standard Shoulder Width)
-          Barbell Biceps Curls (Hands Shoulder Width)
-          Weighted Dips
-          Barbell Bent Over Rows (Palms-Down Grip, Hands 3 inches outside Shoulder Width)
-          Sprint all-out until you cannot stay at Max Speed and begin losing acceleration
Day 5 (Rest Totally):
·       Again - No Cardio, No Lifting, No Activity Nuthin please!
Day 6 (Cardio):
-          Cardio Goal = 10 min warm-up walk/stretch, then 60 min Power Walk Hills or Incline, with a 10 min cool-down relaxing walk/stretch
Day 7 (Full Rest & Recovery):
·       Begin to Focus on New Training Plan for Monday!