Lift 2 Run, Run 2 Lift!

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Running Workouts

Running Workouts!

Your goal each week should be to run 3 times with a day off in between each run to help your joints, ligaments, tendons, bones, and muscles heal properly.

*When in doubt if you are still sore from a previous run take an extra day off to be safe.



Short Run - 1-5 miles

Medium Run - 5-10 miles

Long Run - 10+ miles


Keep variety in your running such as variety in distance, intensity, terrain (trails, pavement, grass, etc), indoors, outdoors, with friends, alone, duration, elevation, etc.


** Make sure to always walk a few minutes to WARMUP FIRST, THEN STRETCH, RUN, THEN WALK TO COOLDOWN, and STRETCH to FINISH.