Members Daily Workouts

Important Member Instructions

Written by Dave Gluhareff

How to use Strength Runner's private Member's area:

To get the best results from Strength Runner's membership you will want to setup your training plans like I show you on the Strength Runner Daily page.  It's recommended to start with a Lite Week, the Medium Week, then Heavy Week, then Medium Week again, and repeat.  This keeps the muscles guessing and never getting used to any set weights like always going lite or always going heavy etc. 

Strength Training:

Variety is key so daily choose one of the Srength Runner Workouts (Upper & Abs, Low Body/Low Back, Cardio/Core, Total Body, Upper Body, Chest, Back, Arms, etc) and make sure each muscle gets a day off, or two days off to fully recover, then choose another bodypart(s) the next day.  Each bodypart should get worked at least once, twice, or sometimes three times weekly. On each worout you will see acronyms like BW, DB, BB etc and these mean the following: BW - Bodyweight, DB - Dumbbell, BB - Barbell, KB - Kettlebell, RB - Rubber Band.

Run Training:

Strength Runner does not advise running daily. Running everday leads to injuries. Please make your weekly schedule to run 3 times weekly with a day off (or two if needed or sore) in between runs. Plan for a short run (1-5 miles), a medium run (5-10 miles), and a long run (10 plus miles).


Look in the Members Area for Size Gaining (Muscle Mass) nutrition plan if you need to gain weight or choose the weight loss nutrition plan to lose body fat.

Example weekly Strength & Running planning can be like the following:

Week 1

Monday - Upper & Abs

Tuesday - Low Body/Low Back

Wednesday - Core/Cardio & Short Run

Thursday - Upper Body

Friday - Core/Cardio & Medium Run

Saturday - Off or if not sore do a Total Body

Sunday - Long Run

Week 2

Monday - Chest

Tuesday - Back & Short Run

Wednesday - Low Body/Low Back

Thursday - Shoulders

Friday - Arms & Medium Run

Saturday - off

Sunday - Long Run


Week 3

Monday - Total Body

Tuesday - Short Run

Wednesday - Total Body

Thursday - Medium Run

Frday - off

Saturday - Total Body

Sunday - Long Run


Week 4

Monday - Upper & Abs

Tuesday - Low Body/Low Back

Wednesday - Medium Run

Thursday - Upper Body & Abs

Friday - Low Body/Low Back

Saturday - Off

Sunday - Long Run