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Heavy Hittin Bodybuilding Plan Week 4

Heavy Hittin Bodybuilding Plan!
Week 4

By Strength Runner and Trainer Dave Gluhareff or on Facebook under TrainWithDave –


Lite Weights Shocker!
This Week for Week 4 it’s going to be a Lite Weights Shocker and the Goal is 4 Circuits of 15-20 reps (Lite Weights) where you should be getting a tuff burn at 15 reps and barely be able to make it to 20 reps. If 15 reps is easy then add heavier weights. If 15 reps is not possible then lighten the weight a bit.  


Be ready to get your HEART and Muscles Pumpin!  You should attain a high heart rate and heavy but safe breathing during the entire workout! Your Goal this week is a Strength Shocker and Cardio all in one to avoid a training Plateau!!

Week 4 - (Warm-up before each workout w/10 min walk then stretch the muscles you plan to hit!)
Each Workout – 4 Circuits of 15-20 reps (rest about 15-30 seconds in between exercises if needed)

Day 1 Chest:
-    Staggered Pushups
-    2 Dumbbell Alternating Flat Chest Presses
-    Machine Flat Chest Presses
-    2 Dumbbell two hands Alternating Pullovers
-    Incline Machine Chest Presses
-    Close Grip Machine Chest Presses

•    Cardio Goal – 60 Minute Power Walk, Bike, Elliptical, or Run

Day 2 Back:
-    2 Dumbbell Alternating Bent Over Rows
-    Low Cable 1 arm Rows (Knees bent/Butt back)
-    Staggered Hands Pullups (Right/Left)
-    Wide Grip/front Pullups
-    High Cable 1 arm Rows (Knees bent/Butt back)

Day 3 Core & Maintenance:
-    Crunches
-    Bicycle Crunches
-    Seated Lean Back Med Ball Twists
-    Lying Leg Raises (low abs)
-    Ab Crunch Machine (front & sides)
-    Standing Med Ball Slams (Front/Right/Left)
-    Hip Raises (Toes-in) for low back
-    Seated 2 Dumbbell Reverse Wrist Curls on knees
-    Standing Internal/External Rotator Cuff Rubber Band Strengthening

•    Cardio Goal – 60 Minute Power Walk, Bike, Elliptical, or Run

Day 4 Shoulders:
-    Rubber Band Shrugs (Shrug Up/Back NOT Straight Up)
-    Seated Military Front Shoulder Presses
-    Seated (Palms-up) Front Shoulder Raises to middle
-    Machine Shrugs (Shrug Up/Back NOT Straight Up)
-    2 Dumbbell Standing Clean & Presses (keep knees bent back straight)
-    Seated Machine Shoulder Presses (Front Grip)
-    Bent Over 2 Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raises

Day 5 Arms:
-    Machine Seated Biceps Curls (Palms-up)
-    Cable or Machine Seated Biceps Hammer Curls (Use Rope if Cable)
-    Dips
-    Standing Barbell Biceps Curls (Palms-up)
-    Machine Dips for Triceps
-    2 Dumbbell Zottman Curls Standing
-    Two Handed Standing (Wide Bar/Wide Grip) Triceps Pressdowns

Day 6 Legs:
-    Leg Press Machine (feet shoulder width)
-    2 Dumbbell Reverse Lunges (in-place)
-    1 Dumbbell Two Hands Wide Sumo Squats
-    2 Dumbbell Forward Lunges (in-place)
-    Seated Hamstring Curl Machine
-    Calf Raise Machine (Heels straight/in/out)
-    Alternating Legs Lying Hamstring Curl Machine
-    Bodyweight Jump Squats (In-Place)

•    Cardio Goal – 60 Minute Power Walk, Bike, Elliptical, or Run

Day 7 Rest/Recovery: